Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carbon Calculators

In year 7 we are going to be thinking about the impact we have on the world. We have already found that everything we do has some kind of impact, good or bad. Often the energy we use adds more carbondioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere adding to global warming. It is important we are aware of the impact we make so we can do something about it. A good way is to use a carbon calculator which works out the amount of CO2 released by our activities. A simple one to use is here on the BP website (you may want to think about why an oil company would do this) . My result is above, it may be below the national average (I doubt this!) but I'm aware of how much more energy I can save. You can also try this calculator. Of course what matters is what we do about it. You can keep up to date on what we are doing in school by reading our Bushloe Eco Club blog, even better why not come along and make a difference yourself. If that is not for you why not draw up a list of ways to save energy in your home and act on it (some ideas here), a small way to start could be to monitor and save the energy used by your computer! If you want to learn more why not play the climate change pentathlon.

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