Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mental Maps

We've been thinking about the way we view or perceive our local area in Year 6. One of the things we looked at was how to assess our local area and we used this site (thanks to geoblogs) to get us warmed up. The site is part of a mapping project by "My Society" but more on that another time. We looked at views like the one below and gave it a score out of 10 for how "scenic" it was. It raised lots of questions such as "what is scenic" and "what makes one view an 8 and another view a 9". I was delighted that my desktop background of Whitby Abbey scored a 10! This all leads us to the question of how we rate our local area and why some of us give it such a high score and others such a low one, we will be exploring this further.

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